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Apple Retail Stores and Locations

So many of you have asked so here is all the scoop on Apple’s retail operations, below are two links that should take you to most everything you would want to know.

Apple Retail  stores and locations.

Everything you might want to know about these stores their design and histroy and what is to come.


MobileMe… up, how’s it doing? [updated]

After a period of waiting in the dark we finally get started with MobileMe, Apple’s replacement for dot Mac. This is an interim look at the new offering which will be followed up with a more proper review after a chance to review all the features. Initially not all the services were working but they did come online and for the most part seem to work but my iWeb galleries have vanished to somewhere. Not a big deal to reinstall them and not too surprising that everything does not migrates smoothly.  Everyting in my idisk is there and the upload process seems to work better, although I have not tried any large files.

The main problem I have with MobileMe is that it’s just sorta plain. I am a big fan of the minimalist approach but this is something else. Maybe it’s just me [ Please feel free to weigh in if you have thoughts on this ] plain not just in appearance but the polish and features of a desktop app don’t seem to be there. In the calendar module there is not button to produce the todo list; you have to add a todo in order to see the list pop out.  UPDATE: Actually there is a keyboard shortcut, however a button would be nice.

As I have said before this is a 1.0 release and it will be improved but lets hope that there is more to Mobile than Meets the eye.

Mobile me! …Oh My

June ninth Steve Jobs rolled out yet another suite of products for the tech hungry world in the form of a new 3G iPhone integrating with the enterprise market and previewing new software from Apple and now third party apps from developers. In addition the long awaited update to Apple’s “dot Mac” service now called “Mobile Me” was previewed and will launch in early July. What is still sinking in is that Mobile Me is not just for Mac users but also PC users which will sync their computer with their iPhone via Outlook Express. Push email, calendaring, contacts all avialable across both platforms. Phil Schiller called it Microsoft Exchange for the rest of us. That’s probably why they don’t call it dot mac anymore huh… 🙂 It remains to be seen, but this could be yet another inroad to diminishing the Microsoft dynasty. Time will tell if this is also another cash cow; Mobile Me is 99.00 per year. The iPhone, iPod & iTunes, QuickTime, Intel Macs that can run Windows and now Mobile Me are all avenues that lead to greater presence in the tech marketplace with the trademark Apple ease of use. Never underestimate the power of design!

Get That Vista Clean ;-)

Capitalizing on Microsoft???

…Have an Idea

One maxim of design is to “have an idea”; some underlying concept that holds everything together. It’s the reason behind what you did and how it looks. Great design has an idea; the trendy and eccentric will pass with the next wave of style that comes along. If you wish to look further into these design commentaries you can find them at one of my other blogs “Creative Destinations“.

On the trail with new hardware and iLife/iWork apps

I suppose that blogging about Apple is sort of like being at the prosumer level. You know a little more than the average person but you don’t work for a major outlet like Macworld or some other tech company. Realizing this I find myself saying too often, “yeah me too” which makes what I say sort of redundant. That said, if I find anything to say at all it must be from a unique vantage point or somehow an unconsidered possibility.

New iMacs are out and so’s iWork and iLife. You’ve probably heard that. You can find plenty of reviews of these products from way more savvy souls than I and they are worth reading because Apple has changed the playing field quite a bit with this new crop of products.

What I wish to point out is that we are in some ways back to the era of when Apple along with Adobe created a whole new industry known as desktop publishing. There were some great tools available but not everyone knew how to use them and what did or did not constitute good design. With iWork and iLife we have some of the best tools to quickly create stunning looking documents, photos, movies and audio. If you notice many of these applications have pre-designed themes that come with them. Reason —most non designer people need help. There are all kinds of controls available to tweak your project but if you don’t understand the underlying principals of design you can tweak right past the point of no return.

You can take what ever approach you want to but here’s a couple of ideas. If you want good looks in short amount of time with minimal tweaking then stick with Apple’s pre-designed themes but if you wish to branch out on on your own, learn some design principals and build your own way to a new understanding of why things look good. My recommendation is to check out a great resource for learning about design and the steps involved in making it happen.

Apple iphone customer snafu…

I am usually pretty happy with Apple Inc. however on the latest news to come out of Cupertino I have to say “sorry guys you dropped the ball”. You see they want to charge us 5.00 admittance to the Apple store to slow down or “pre qualify” people who want to look at the iPhone. Back in the day; dance halls used to have a cover charge to keep out the riff raff… Well who thought we would see the day when it would apply to cell phones?

It sends the message that we’re elitist…. find some other way to deal with the crowds. There may be some, but I can’t think of one elite shop that charges you to get in the door.

This is mixing the clay with the iron!

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