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Superior Value in Mac Tutorials Don’t Miss These

One of the best values on the internet today, if you’re a Mac user is Screen Casts Online. These video screencasts are recorded in the UK by Don McAllister, former IT guy turned Entrepreneur. Don puts together a new tutorial each weak on a great piece of Mac software and in some cases hardware. These 20 to 30 minute videos will give you the concepts behind the software and provide a basis for any purchasing decisions. (Hint) He also offers discount codes on some software titles.

Don is in his third year producing this program which can be downloaded directly from his site or you may also subscribe through iTunes. A feature that has been quite successful is Don’s “Extra Member” subscription offer which gives you access to additional shows that are available in High Def.  The extra membership is quite reasonable for a sixth month subscription and the back catalog is also available on DVD for re-watching shows or picking up on something you missed.

You really should check it out at ScreenCastsOnline! I find I always learn something even if I am not using that particular piece of software myself.


Mac OSX Keyboard Shortcuts and New Interface

Back in the day there was no mouse and all the input was done with the keyboard. Then the Mac came along and changed all that; teaching us to mouse everywhere and now we’re back to using the keyboard again but I wonder for how long.

Before I trail off into Mac speculations here’s the “tip”. The keyboard can be quite useful and many times we don’t want to jump to the mouse for selecting something. The one I want to focus on has to do with editing text in OS-X [Tiger]. Let’s say you notice a spelling or grammatical error and you’ve moved back to that position and corrected it and now you are ready to jump to the end of the sentence. Hit command, right arrow and that will take you to the end of line. If that is not the end of the sentence you can hit option right arrow and that will jump a whole word at a time. Here are a few more but I suggest you experiment with these. It make some time to get used to using them.

Right click or Control Click will bring up spelling suggestions.

Shift plus right or left arrow keys will highlight one letter at a time.

Shift plus the up and down arrow keys will select whole lines at a time.

Control plus the left and right arrow keys will jump to the beginning or ending of a line.

For the whole big list of shortcuts go here

While I am quite sure these will work and may even be useful if you do lots of typing on your mac; I am less sure about what it will mean down the road. If Apple decides to roll out some new way for us interact with our computers then we’ll be blogging about the new interface features. To quote Mr. Jobs “who needs a stylus, no body wants a stylus…”

Leopard, Coding Headstarts Hints at Possible New Interface

Update on WWDC …. In the previous post we mentioned the coding headstarts offered by Apple and how this may be tied to new features in Leopard. If so coders would have to do some quick adjusting to get there applications ready for Leopard when it ships in October.

Carl Howe of (Blackfriars Communications) seems to feel the same and goes so far as to predict that we may see a whole new interface design via core animation. Getting rid of overlapping windows would make the interface so much easier to use. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some things like flip around windows ala dashboard Widgets in the core OS. RSS for details as they become available….

Better Quicktime Viewing in One Easy Step

First of all let me say, I love Quicktime! We all watch Quicktime movies but the quality of the movie depends on how it was filmed and encoded. I am not a expert when it comes to all the various combinations and resolutions but it’s pretty easy to see what you have once you hit the play button. If you are interested you can check the get info on the movie file and you will see something like this.


But to use this tip you don’t need to know anything about pixels or resolutions and the like. While we will have to wait for Leopard and resolution independence for the best solution today you can see more with a simple keyboard and mouse trick.

Ever notice under the view menu you have options to change the size of your playback window. If you select a larger size you a bigger picture but with less quality. So to see the movie larger with minor degradation hit the control key and use the scroll wheel and you zoom right in. In order to activate this feature you will have to go into system preferences, click on Universal Access and click the button which says “enable access for assistive devices”. If you are using a laptop you will need to use control and the two finger swipe upwards to zoom in.

As you experiment with this technique you will find what the optimal viewing distance. This will also work for YouTube videos or anything on screen for that matter. This has been tested in Mac OS 10.4 Hope you find this useful!

Apple Hints – Here’s one thing we do know…

Posted in an email to all Apple developers, we read:

The Leopard beta. Available first at WWDC.

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, we’re planning to show you a feature-complete version of Mac OS X Leopard, and you can take home a beta copy. Be the first to get your hands on the Leopard beta and get a huge head start on development. Register now for WWDC 2007—it’s your ticket to the future of Mac OS X.

Notice the words “feature-complete” This is the first time that Apple has actually said they were ready to show all the features in Leopard. At least to my knowledge. Prior to this it has been the generally accepted idea that we would see all the features but now from the horses mouth we’ve heard it ourselves.

In a second move they have also extended the deadline to register for WWDC. This would seem to indicate that they wish as many developers to get there hands on the beta as possible. This is Apple’s way of reaching out although they may not term it such. A whole lot is at stake for Apple right now and it would seem that Apple is just a little bit anxious. As I see it anyway… about a month to go. iPhone, Leopard, iLife?, New iMac?, and one I’ll call the iBook nano?

MacApper – Site Pick Of The Week


If you’re looking for Mac Software take a trip on over to MacApper; a great resource for Software reviews, ratings and forums. Extensive list of software picks all brought to you by, “count em” at least 18 writers located around the blogosphere. In short you are likely to find some gems here that you just can’t live without.

Free Video Tutorials

If you’re a visual learner as I am, you know the power of watching someone run through the steps to do something on your Mac. One of my favorite places to do this is a site called ScreencastsOnline. This is the work of Don McAllister and if you haven’t checked out his work you should do yourself a favor and have a look for yourself. Great Content! Don also has one of the best subscription models on the web. You get a ton of content at high resolution for a very reasonable cost; this is in addition to the free content you can download from his site or subscribe on iTunes.  Enjoy!

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