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MobileMe, AppStore Launch…. ahem!


This is one of those posts that will probably seem silly in about a day or so but never the less… My Question is WHITHER MobileMe… etc. It is not surprising that something as complex as launching a new web service could have problems but that there is so little information about what is going on. Apple of course has always been slow to admit that there is anything wrong until after it’s fixed. Oh look it’s available on Apple’s servers you just have to install the update, but no mention that it’s only for Leopard 10.5 users.

Then there’s the App Store; but you apparently have to have a iphone or ipod touch syncd for it to show up on the iTunes pane. So those of us who are contemplating an iphone purchase can’t see what Apps are available..

Note to self —always think of the information people need and answer those questions or at least say you don’t know the answer. In my case I don’t know why the services are not working or how I am expecting them to work.

Thanks for reading and we’ll all hang in there 🙂

UPDATE Well apparently you can see the applications on iTunes but you have to search for them. Why is there no button?.. type Applicatons in the search field and they will show up.


Last minute iPhone observations

While I have no recon on what new iPhone device might be introduced on Monday. I did note a few, perhaps telling remarks made during Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone SDK roadmap. You might want to watch that video again while you wait out the next 30 hours or so. Perhaps the biggest revelation of the iPhone is that it is really a whole new platform which will continue to dominate the mobile device marketplace. Key to this is of course software. What stood out after re-watching the iPhone SDK rollout video was how the apps will be distributed. It was pointed out by Steve that you could download the app wirelessly via the phone or wifi. I can’t imagine downloading an app on the phone unless that connection is pretty fast, which bodes well for the 3G projection. Also some of the apps that would not be tolerated were bandwidth hogs. I am reading this as “fast connection speed required”.

I am still pretty sure we will see some sort of new model for dot mac with support for online backup / syncing for iPhone data. Shipping of the new iPhone software was said to be late June and I see no reason to doubt that, maybe even by the week of WWDC 08. 1 day 8 hours . . . .

Superior Value in Mac Tutorials Don’t Miss These

One of the best values on the internet today, if you’re a Mac user is Screen Casts Online. These video screencasts are recorded in the UK by Don McAllister, former IT guy turned Entrepreneur. Don puts together a new tutorial each weak on a great piece of Mac software and in some cases hardware. These 20 to 30 minute videos will give you the concepts behind the software and provide a basis for any purchasing decisions. (Hint) He also offers discount codes on some software titles.

Don is in his third year producing this program which can be downloaded directly from his site or you may also subscribe through iTunes. A feature that has been quite successful is Don’s “Extra Member” subscription offer which gives you access to additional shows that are available in High Def.  The extra membership is quite reasonable for a sixth month subscription and the back catalog is also available on DVD for re-watching shows or picking up on something you missed.

You really should check it out at ScreenCastsOnline! I find I always learn something even if I am not using that particular piece of software myself.

Free Online File Storage

Found on Web #4  Away from the computer, out of town or at Grandma’s? You can still get those work files or pictures of the grand kids thanks to a new service called Media Fire. Share files with coworkers and upload files as large as 100 megabytes; no special software simply sign-up and star using it. PC Magazine rates it as one of the Top 100 undiscovered Web Sites and Lifehacker calls it “really well made”. Take a look and see if it’s right for you. Mac and PC.

Batteries Not Included… [ Found On Web ]

#3 —One fact of life these days is that so many of the toys for young and old rely on batteries. This will become even more apparent when those gadgets get unwrapped during the upcoming holiday season. I am no battery expert but a company called Eneloop has some great features and might be worth consideration. Read the review and see if it works for you! In my “Found On Web” series please note that I do not have any relationship with these companies nor do I receive any compensation. Hope you find the information useful and if you do please leave a comment.

Found On Web

#2 —Get organized with OmniFocus from The Omni Group. Based on the popular Getting Things Done book by David Allen, OmniFocus is designed to help you manage your life better. Currently in a Pre Release state OmniFocus can be tried for free and if you sign up early you can get a early bird discount of 50 percent off.

Found On Web #1

First in a series, —links of interest. Yummy Soup is a great little Application for tracking your recipes, whether your own or directly importing them from other websites. Only 20 dollars US and they provide a demo for your evaluation purposes. It’s called Yummy Soup from Hungry Seacow Software. Requires 10.4 Tiger, Mac OS.

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