Mobile Computing – Always there when you need it.

Sorry for the long lapse in posts. Sometimes life interrupts our best intentions. I’ve kept my ear to the ground as far as the Mac universe goes and have some news and ruminations to share concerning what’s available and what’s just ahead. There are plenty of news sites covering the Mac world, so saying it’s a crowded market place is an understatement. To address that issue I try to provide a little unique perspective since I’ve been using Mac’s since the beginning in 1984.

While the Mac in all it’s iterations has been getting the uptick with speed boosts and other system enhancements; it is the iPhone/iPod touch and the Macbook Air that have been the most notable as far as media coverage goes. In fact my first post on this blog was about the launch of the iPhone in june of 2007. We continue to see this trend of mobile devices with iPhone and iPod touch as well as the record selling laptops, Macbook and Macbook Pro.

Of course none of this works without software and Apple has continued to improve their content delivery model with improvements and offerings in iTunes as well as the app store, for iPhone and iPod Touch. There are of this writing over 25 thousand applications in the app store for iPhone and iPod Touch and the count down to 1 billion applications has begun. As of January 16, 2009 there have been over 500 million applications downloaded. An amazing accomplishment in just a year and a half. Of course this has been done through a partnership between Apple and the software development community using a robust SDK or Software Development Kit. As we speak developers are hard a work getting ready to roll out a whole new crop of applications to support the new software update to the iPhone and iPod Touch version 3.0.

Nothing is ever for sure until it sees the light of day but there are rumors out there that suggest we may see an upgraded iPhone 3G with more memory as well as a more consumer priced iphone [perhaps a nano version] to appeal to a wider audience.

So what do we see in all of this? More mobile computing with wifi connectivity via the internet and the “cloud” or centralized storage of data. The reason for this is pretty simple; mobility and content delivery. Whether it’s entertainment, sports or social media and email, people want to be connected whenever and wherever they are.

In the works: While there is lots of coverage about specific pieces of hardware and software there is less coverage as to how they work together. Future posts will show how different hardware and software packages work together to create what we call “workflow” which is simply a term for how we get things done.


2 Responses to “Mobile Computing – Always there when you need it.”

  1. 1 x-tream April 19, 2009 at 6:45 am

    Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation)
    I have been a fan of Apple products for ages and they never let me down, great customer service, reliable hardware and good customer service.
    The latest and the greatest from Apple is the iPod Touch, it’s like a laptop but much smaller and cheaper, what makes the iPod Touch awesome are all of the Apps that available out there.
    I don’t look at my iPod Touch as just a media player anymore, it’s also the best most useful gadget i have even owned.
    My Wife loves it as well and my kids won’t put the darn thing down thanks to all the Apps for Kids available out there.
    Before the iPod Touch my Kids were playing their Nintendo DS Lite all the time and they have not touched the DS ever since i bought the Touch, it’s been months.

  1. 1 Mobile Computing - Always there when you need it. Trackback on April 18, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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