What We Know, iPhone iTablets and Mobile computing.

The speculation always runs high just before any Apple Event and the WWDC 2008 edition is no different. The new iPhone SDK and software rollout has captured much attention and deservedly so. I sound like a broken record but here’s the deal; the Apple development pattern is this, Innovate, ship, test evolve the product and make it better – do that over and over. The things that everyone is wanting in an iPhone, iTouch or iAnything will happen over time as long as it can be done within Apple’s prime directive. At the same time they will NEVER be all things to all people because that leads to infinite complexity.

What I expect to see: Mobile computing will continue to take center stage while not ignoring the desktop. The iPhone will get dot mac [ or whatever they call it ] syncing and perhaps better bluetooth support. As we consume more and more volumes of data; backup will be made easier and more accessible to the masses. This will apply across the product line. Based on Apple’s marketing, the trend is toward more mobile options . I am also convinced that we will see some sort of tablet device and that Apple is the company to make such a device. The first one won’t be perfect but you can be sure it will evolve into what makes sense for this type of device. i would love to see a tablet at WWDC … we’ll see.

Oh! and there’s one more thing…. it’s not a phone, headless Mac or Mac Pro for a thousand bucks. The biggest thing on the horizon, I think, is Software. Software has the greatest potential of any segment of the tech industry. Quite simply it’s the most flexible. The innovation won’t necessarily be in algorithms but in the way the interface works. There are still quite a few arcane terms floating around that the average consumer has no idea about. A simple example is that most people have little idea what’s in their Application Support folder or that it holds vital information required by their software. This is not to say these terms or the functions will go away, simply that the user will have a better idea of what’s going on with their system.

This will apply not just at system level but all applications will become easier to use and hence more powerful to the end user. All it takes is vision. Eight more days… we’ll know a lot more. 🙂

Happy computing and remember backup your files!!!


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