iPhone and Apple Store Opening; a Double Header

I’ve been somewhat absorbed lately but will end this long silence and try to say something meaningful and think of an angle on the iPhone that hasn’t been explored.

On the 29th of June Apple Retail launched another new store; this time in Tulsa’s Woodland Hills Mall. With 1000 plus eager mac fans ready to spring for a new iPhone or just take in the event and get a “T” Shirt, it was a great time. Apple has been all over the press in the last year; some hate the fact that Apple does so well and others are thrilled with everything they do but then it’s never fast enough etc.

Despite all the nay sayers and fan boys there is one reason that Apple has achieved the place it has as a technology company. It’s d e s i g n —period. Most competitors don’t get it and most people don’t get it either. Other companies could do similar things but most of the time they won’t because they don’t understand what design means and they don’t have someone in power that will see that it happens.

end soapbox.

So what’s the iPhone all about anyway. It’s extremely well designed and has a user interface that will not drive you crazy when trying to the simple or complex task. Is it perfect? No. The flaws and wish lists have already been published but that doesn’t take from the fact that what it DOES do it does quite well. As I have said before this is version 1.0 and it will only get better, just as the iPod did.

Even though most of the tech press are clamoring for more and more geek factor in the products from Apple there is a vast number of people who use all this stuff who are still in the “blinking clock on the VCR era” of computing. Thankfully this is the case because in reality Apple will be able to stay ahead of the “for the rest of us” crowd and geeks will keep raising the bar of expectation which should just about balance it all out.

All the while let’s remember s i m p l i c i t y.


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