iPhones and Beyond…

By now everyone has heard, the iPhone debuts on the 29th of June to a throng of seekers of the latest cellular experience. It’s really more than a phone and if you haven’t previewed all the features you can do so at apple.com. Since there is no small bit of coverage of the iPhone I will dispense with the usual topics and move on to what I see reading between the lines.

In large part I think the iPhone is going to perform well but there are some areas that could be problematic. In no particular order:

  • Bandwidth could cause some slow internet experience.
  • It will be tempting to theives, so insurance is necessary. [ read extra cost of ownership ]
  • Battery life could be an issue simply because it’s a problem on most portable devices.

On the positive side I hear some promise coming from Apple via Steve himself at the All Things Digital conference.

It looks like third party applications will happen at some point and that really puts the computer in a cell phone form factor. I can see things like widgets and GTD apps getting some really good mileage out of this.

Mr. Jobs also went as far as saying that he thought there were a lot more of these highly focussed devices out there or on the horizon like the iPhone and the iPod. What might Apple be producing? Maybe, a widescreen ipod with internet, a tablet device done right, perhaps some better implementation of a navigational device.

Steve and Bill went on to discuss where they thought things were going with regard to the internet which they called the cloud and whether or not we could have a low end device that would rely on the power of a big client to handle all the processing. There answers were revelatory; basically they see some things working in that way but for the real rich media stuff we’re still going to need a pretty good box sitting on our desk or lap. Although the internet pipe is getting bigger all the time it is going to take some time before it’s big enough to handle everything and be everywhere. We’re just not there yet.


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