Mac OSX Keyboard Shortcuts and New Interface

Back in the day there was no mouse and all the input was done with the keyboard. Then the Mac came along and changed all that; teaching us to mouse everywhere and now we’re back to using the keyboard again but I wonder for how long.

Before I trail off into Mac speculations here’s the “tip”. The keyboard can be quite useful and many times we don’t want to jump to the mouse for selecting something. The one I want to focus on has to do with editing text in OS-X [Tiger]. Let’s say you notice a spelling or grammatical error and you’ve moved back to that position and corrected it and now you are ready to jump to the end of the sentence. Hit command, right arrow and that will take you to the end of line. If that is not the end of the sentence you can hit option right arrow and that will jump a whole word at a time. Here are a few more but I suggest you experiment with these. It make some time to get used to using them.

Right click or Control Click will bring up spelling suggestions.

Shift plus right or left arrow keys will highlight one letter at a time.

Shift plus the up and down arrow keys will select whole lines at a time.

Control plus the left and right arrow keys will jump to the beginning or ending of a line.

For the whole big list of shortcuts go here

While I am quite sure these will work and may even be useful if you do lots of typing on your mac; I am less sure about what it will mean down the road. If Apple decides to roll out some new way for us interact with our computers then we’ll be blogging about the new interface features. To quote Mr. Jobs “who needs a stylus, no body wants a stylus…”


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