Why No Third Party Programs on the iPhone? Prediction!

Some have lamented the fact that apparently Apple wants to keep the iPhone a closed system so that they can control the user experience across the board. Not altogether a bad idea since many of the customers that Apple hopes to reach are probably not Mac users and simply want an easy to use phone, iPod and Internet communicator.

The market share of Mac users will be considerably smaller than the total number of people likely to buy an iPhone. Although presumably Apple could offer some kind of SDK for the iPhone would it make sense to incur the overhead for the smaller number of users who want to run some specific, perhaps more geeky apps on their iPhone. Historically Apple is known for the closed system due to their desire to control the whole experience. That approach has it’s trade offs and the debate goes on about how useful that is. We do note that Mac OSX is much more open and people who run their Mac’s to the edge are taking advantage of all sorts of applications that fit just about every niche.

So what about the need to run a wide array of applications on a mobile device [meaning something smaller than a laptop]. My prediction nay hope is that these needs are slated for another device. Somewhere in size between a iPhone and a 12″ laptop. While I can’t guarantee that this will happen, I think that Apple could make it happen. Let’s face it; many of us would like to have some access to the web, email and few other apps while we’re on the go but do not want to lug the laptop plus all the other stuff that goes in the bag.
Here’s what I predict should Apple see fit to develop such a device:

  • Will employ the Multi Touch user interface
  • Will include wifi and GPS built in
  • Uses Flash Memory
  • Will run an optimized version of OSX
  • A sensible amount of Ram
  • All the necessary ports
  • Probably will not have a CD drive [will rely on Web storage]
  • With this new user interface a whole new crop of applications and approaches to computing will be developed over the next 5 years.

    Are you getting it!

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